Gantt Chart Software: A Key Tool For Project Management

By | July 17, 2020

The Gantt chart is a visual view of all the tasks along with their scheduled time. These charts are sued for planning projects. They are used for both big and small projects as they help the team in knowing the work that the team has to do on a specific day. Through this chart, the team gets to know the goals and methods on how to complete the tasks on time.

Desktop Vs. Online Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is available in both desktops as well as an online version. A company can either buy the desktop version or can use the online version of this software. The desktop version is best for one manager only. The reason is that, for a large team, if there is a desktop version, the project manager would have to share the file with everyone.

As there is no integration with Sharepoint, it becomes difficult for Gantt to share files with other members of the team. However, even if there is the Sharepoint software, the data would require that the software should have the desktop software of Gantt, which can increase the cost of the company. To avoid all such costs, there is the online version of the Gantt chart.

With the help of the online version of the Gantt chart tool, a team can easily share the files within the team without much problem. Moreover, as the software is 100% online, a manager can invite anyone to view the files in the chart. However, one needs to update the tasks and the pieces on which they are working before inviting them to view the chart. This helps the Gantt chart in ensuring that no intruder is visiting the project status. It even helps the software to add a new member and recognize him/her as per the tasks assigned to him/her.

Though there are disadvantages of using the online version of the software, for now, this is the most appropriate option in the industry. Instead of spending money on buying the desktop version of the software for everyone, it would be comfortable to use the online version of the software for the project.

Benefits Of Online Gantt Chart Software

There are various benefits that a person can find in the online version of the Gantt software. This particular software is used to create a list just like in Excel but in a better way. Though Excel and other spreadsheets work fine for most of the time, bigger projects, a company needs better spreadsheets that can help the company. The Gantt chart helps in adding more people to the chart without much difficulty. In addition to that, the software even allows the project manager to change the % of completion of work whenever anyone completes the task. It ensures that there are regular updates in the project, and the whole team gets to know about it. Here are some of the few uses or benefits that a company can get with the help of the Gantt chart.

  • Helps in planning and scheduling the projects as per the requirement and deadline
  • Helps the project manager in planning appropriate tasks with the scheduled time
  • The Gantt chart can plan various projects at a time without crashing down
  • It helps the project manager to check the updates of the tasks at any time
  • It helps in scheduling the work of the team
  • It even plans the sprint in the projects
  • Team collaboration can be done with this software
  • It helps in determining the planned and the actual timeline of the project. It helps in understanding the actual timeline so that the team can work according to it.

Apart from these benefits, there are various other uses of the Gantt chart too. It provides tons of templates. It offers more choices that allow the project manager to choose the best template for the project. As it can manage multiple projects at a time, it helps the project manager in handling multiple projects without any worry. It helps the company in assigning the various tasks to the various teams and distributing the projects as per the department. Moreover, the Gantt chart is much better than an Excel sheet and can be easily used in a large platform.

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