Cricket is a Sports Religion in India

By | December 22, 2020

Cricket in India comes very naturally to everyone as if it is ingrained in our DNA. The evolution of Cricket in India dates back to the times of English Rule when Britishers ruled the country for over two centuries. Indian learned the game from its rulers and later when India got independent, Cricket lured the Indians and gradually generated a massive fan following.

Today, no other Sports command such an extreme level of attention, commerce and passion as Cricket. It has become a way of people to vent out their feelings and show their emotions unabashedly. Truly, it is remarkable to see how one game can bind the entire nation and evokes the feeling of nationalism.

Winning the World Cup in 1983 was the momentous event in the Indian history and Cricket was firmly rooted in the minds of Indian and its popularity sky rocketed among the Indian audience. Kapil Dev, Gavaskar and Amarnath were become living legends by making . the entire nation proud. It had been long that Indians were suppressed and dominated by the powers of the world and this win gave them the rare moment of glory and achievement.

The spark ignited by the Kapil Dev’s team spread like a wild fire and soon there was a plethora of cricketing talent all over the country. Indian were blessed that the Cricketing God of this country Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has made the phenomenal contribution to the game and made the entire world to respect and admire the Indian talent and calibre for the game.

Tendulkar has been creating milestones since past 19 glorious and shining years of playing Cricket. Today, he is a proud owner of most of the batting records including highest number of centuries and runs in both the Test and One day version of the game.

With the time, Indian Cricket has become associated with the commerce and got completely commercialized. The Cricket has become the highly paid Sports in the country where a Cricket player earns on par with a Bollywood celebrity.

Not only the money, this game generates immense popularity and names like Sachin, Ganguly, Dhoni etc are very common in each house. Discussion about Cricket is a favourite pastime for people in India and every other person seems to have an expert advice of its own.

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