Answering All The Queries About NASDAQ: ACTG For Rookie Investors

By | August 19, 2020

Acacia Research Corporation invests in intellectual properties along with the subsidiaries and related return assets. It is engaged in enforcing and licensing the patented technologies and was founded in 1992, headquartered in the Newport Beach of California. It aims to help patent owners develop and prosecute patent portfolios, protect the inventions that they have patented from unauthorized uses, generate the licensing revenue of the patented technology from the users, and enforce against unauthorized users by filing patent infringement litigation for the patented tech. In other words, this company holds control over U.S. patents and patent portfolios of foreign technology-related counterparts. The current symbol of the stocks it provides is NASDAQ: ACTG at

How good is the company, Acacia Research, doing?

Acacia Research generates around $11.25 million annually and has a market capitalization of around $199.69 million. It has many renowned investors and is doing great in terms of making profits as well as in terms of getting investments and shares.

Impact of coronavirus on NASDAQ: ACTG

On March 11, 2020, the stock was trading at $ 2.22, and then the COVID-19 outbreak reached the pandemic stage as per the World Health Organization (WHO) announcement. To the surprise and relief of the shareholders, the stock did not suffer loss; rather, it got increased by 84.7%. Currently, it is trading at a decent $4.10 price.

The earnings of Acacia Research in the previous quarter

The Acacia Research Corporation announced the last quarterly earnings in August 2020. The stock was reported to be earning $0.10 per share for that quarter. The consensus estimate for the stock was $0.02. There was a short increase in the interest of buyers in the NASDAQ: ACTG shares in February. As compared to January, the interest went up by 107.2% (from 100,900 shares to 185,600 shares).

Who is buying and selling this share?

Actg stocks are being sold by many institutional investors like Heartland Advisors Inc., Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, UBS Group AG, Shufro Rose & company LLC, etc. On the other hand, many institutional investors are also buying these stocks. In the last quarter, various investors like Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Pacific Ridge Capital Partners LLC, WINTON GROUP limited, New York State Common Retirement fund, SeaCrest Wealth Management, and many more are investing their money in it.

How to buy these shares?

The ACTG shares can be bought like the other shares, online with a brokerage account and a middle-man or a broker. Currently, the price of the stock is $4.10. You can check more stock information like free stock quotes at the stock trading app. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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